Preparing your child to join a dance class

Preparing your child to join a dance class

Video Transcript:

As a parent you may be nervous about your child joining a dance class. This is fine and there are a few things you can do before the first lesson to help prepare your child.

To find a dance class that’s inclusive in your area visit the AllPlay Dance website and search the Inclusive Dance Directory.

Once you’ve found a class talk with the dance teacher about your child’s preferences and the way they communicate. You can use the AllPlay About Me summary form available on the AllPlay Dance website to help do this.

You can visit the dance studio with your child before the first class. This will give your child a chance to become familiar with the venue. You could watch a dance class and let your child meet the dance teacher to help prepare your child for what to expect when they attend their first lesson.

Another great way to encourage your child’s participation in dance is to try some dance steps at home. You can put on some music and dance together. Attending a dance concert or watching a dance movie are other activities you can do with your child to reinforce the fun of dancing.

If you think it would be too overwhelming or tiring for your child to attend for the whole class, you could talk the dance teacher about them joining in for part of the time.

Attending the dance class with a sibling or buddy could be another way to help your child feel more comfortable. Your child may also feel more at ease wearing their own clothes to the lesson, rather than a dance uniform such as tights and leotards.

We also have AllPlay Dance Stories on the website which can help introduce your child to different styles of dance and what to expect when they attend a dance class. Visit the AllPlay Dance website to find out more