How do Deaf people connect with music?

How do Deaf people connect with music?

Video Transcript:

There are two questions that I am always being asked. They are

Can you lipread?

How can you dance if you can’t hear the music?

I will talk about the second question.

Deaf people do experience music and sound – just in a different way from hearing people.

Dance isn’t just about the music. Dance is a study of movement.

Christine Sun Kim, a Deaf sound artist living in Berlin says: “Sound can be felt, seen and experienced as an idea”.

We all have the potential to experience sound and silence in different ways – through our bodies and through the bodies and experiences of other people.

Deaf people love to feel music with lots of bass – we love to go to clubs with big speakers!

We also love music that’s made visual through lights and watching other people move to the music.

Some Deaf people have hearing aids and cochlear implants but our experience of sound is still different to how hearing people experience sound.

It’s a common myth that Deaf people don’t enjoy music. We do. We love it and we love going to gigs and music festivals. There are many Deaf dancers all over the world.

Everyone has the right to dance!