Big Dance

AllPlay Dance in the community with Big Dance and Giant Steps Melbourne

AllPlay was established to create opportunities for all children to to be fully involved in the community. We want to ensure all children, regardless of disability or developmental challenge, have the same access to dance, education, and team sports.

Our aim is to provide the community with training and technological innovations connecting individuals, families and professionals to work together with a common goal: ensuring every child has the best possible opportunity to reach their full developmental potential.

Big Dance Melbourne 2018

Big Dance is a biennial festival of dance where thousands of people learn one choreographic piece and perform it across local regional and metropolitan communities. In 2018 Big Dance was hosted by Ausdance NSW and Ausdance VIC. AllPlay Dance collaborated with Ausdance and Giant Steps Melbourne to showcase how Big Dance could be adapted for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Watch our video below to see how we achieved this.

Resources developed for Big Dance

Below are resources that were created to help include people of all abilities in Big Dance. By making simple adaptations dance teachers can tailor Big Dance or any performance to meet the unique needs of everyone.

Dr Katrina Rank, Director of Education and Lifelong Learning for Ausdance Victoria discusses the Big Dance and how it can be modified so that all dance students can participate. General tips to be inclusive are also included in this video.

Learn how the symbols from Big Dance can be used to learn the dance. This includes learning how the movements from Big Dance can be adapted and modified for all students. Narrated by Dr Katrina Rank with dancers Hannah and Sasha demonstrating the movements.

Tips for adapting the Big Dance material. This includes modifying the material only when needed and making modifications for each person’s unique needs. How the environment can be modified to help students is also discussed. Narrated by Dr Katrina Rank.

Visuals developed to help with individual dance moves for Big Dance 2018.

Download here

Demonstrations of the key movements from Red Dance

The following videos demonstrate how the Red Dance key movements from Big Dance can be broken down and paired with symbols to help students learn Big Dance.

Resources for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing

The following videos give an introduction to Big Dance and demonstrate how to work with deaf dancers and use Auslan for the event.

Tips to work with deaf dancers:

Auslan signs for Big Dance:

Introduction with Anna Seymour Big Dance Ambassador: