We want to create an equal playing field where all kids are welcomed. Here you will find practical information about how to include all kids, regardless of ability, in dance.

When everyone can’t play it’s because of the attitudes of those involved and the structures and the systems in place, and not because of the abilities of kids. AllPlay targets these attitudes, structures and systems so that everyone can play and truly be part of the community.

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AllPlay Dance Website Tour

Watch the AllPlay Dance Website Tour to see what tips, information and resources we have for kids, parents, dance teachers and dance studios.

Dance Teachers

Dance teachers can welcome all kids, regardless of ability, into the dance community.

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Find out what parents can do to get all kids dancing.

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Learn all about different types of dance and how to get ready.

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Dance Schools & Companies

Dance schools/companies can make small changes that dramatically help increase inclusion for all children. Help make your school/company more inclusive now.

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Health Professionals

Health Professionals play a key role in encouraging families and kids with disabilities to get active and enjoy the many benefits of dance.

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Get involved

You can help contribute to AllPlay by participating in our research. There are many was to get involved. You can participate in our surveys or join our research register to find out about the research projects currently recruiting participants.

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AllPlay is generously supported by the Moose Foundation and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Find out more about who is involved in AllPlay

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Making the world fit for all kids doesn’t stop in the dance studio, find out more about how we endeavour to be as accessible as possible for all.

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